Scare all the monsters! But be careful of the Ghostbusters:

  • Possess the objects in the room to scare the inhabitants of the house.
  • Don't panic! If the Ghostbuster comes for you, flee to another room and wait without moving to make yourself invisible.
  • Get to light the 5 candles with the cries of your victims before time runs out.
  • Enjoy!


Β‘Asusta a todos los monstruos! Pero ten cuidado del cazafantasmas:

  • Posee los objetos de la habitaciΓ³n para asustar a los habitantes de la casa.
  • Β‘Que no cunda el pΓ‘nico! Si el cazafantasmas viene a por ti, huye a otra habitaciΓ³n y espera sin moverte para hacerte invisible.
  • Logra encender las 5 velas con los gritos de tus victimas antes de que se acabe el tiempo.
  • Enjoy!

Juan AgustΓ­ as Programmer and designer 

Andrea Latorre as Designer and artist

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